Real Wedding: Summery La Rinconada Country Club Fete

12 August 2014

Some weddings look effortless.  They aren't overdone.  They aren't over detailed. They are simply sweet, classy, traditional, beautiful.  They reflect the personality of the clients.  This La Rinconada Country Club wedding was all that.

Our couple was all that --- sweet, soft spoken, reverent, relaxed.  Every step of the way, it was all about making the day effortlessly beautiful without feeling like we tried too hard.

I think they achieved it thanks greatly to the brilliance of Vero Suh.  She is my good friend, valued vendor partner, and talented photographer.  Together with Jane Kim, makeup guru, they made Alice, our bride, stunning yet naturally beautiful.  Just the way she wanted.

Ceremony flowers were simple.  All bridal whites.

For the escort cards, the wonderful La Rinconada Country Club had a vintage wooden round table.  It was perfect for lining tented cards by Hello! Lucky.

Simple lush dome of flowers on top of silver compote could not be more timeliness. Our recipe include cafe au lait dahlias, sahara roses, vendetta roses, spray roses, hydrangea, peach stock, trust peach roses, lisianthus and many other seasonal flowers.

Venue - La Rinconada Country Club, Los Gatos
Lighting - Enhanced Lighting
Rentals - Hartmann Studios
Floral and Event Design -Nancy Liu Chin Designs
Make up and Hair - The Glamourist
Cake - Studio Cake, Burlingame
Invitations - Hello!Lucky
Calligraphy - Anne Millett 
Photography - Vero Suh

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Real Wedding: Formal Classic Wedding at Julia Morgan Ballroom

05 August 2014

It's been a while since we've shared a city wedding.  I'm thrilled to share a few images from the wedding of Amy to Jason. Amy chose the iconic Julia Morgan Ballroom which is located at the 15th floor of the Merchant Exchange Building on California Street in the heart of San Francisco's Financial district. 

The JMB as I call it is a classic, art deco ballroom featuring grand ceiling, dark walnut walls, stone fireplaces.  plush carpets, and dramatic floor to ceiling windows.  It's both rich in tradition and vintage in age.  Amy's family have strong ties to San Francisco so JMB was the quintessential location for Amy and Jason's late winter affair.

The wedding was formal, timeless, and classic. Featuring creams, ivory, taupe, blush, champagne hues.  Antique Gold accents, white dance floor, and tall all white formal florals reigned supreme.  


Venue - Julia Morgan Ballroom
Wedding Planning - Julia Briggs Dunn
Chairs and Rentals - Hartmann Studios
Floral and Event Design - Nancy Liu Chin Designs
Invitation - Aerialist Press
Calligraphy - Michelle Papineau
Cake - The Cakemaker
Catering - Julia Morgan Ballroom
Photography - Loic Nicholas Photography
Lighting - Enhanced Lighting

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Master Series - The Belltown Workshop with Greater Seattle Floral Association

18 July 2014

A few years back, I dreamed a dream which was to bring floral workshops to the Bay Area.  Initially each workshop was a 3 day event and meant to be part hands on floral demonstration and part business tips + insights which I called Wedding Floral Academy.  It mixed both of my loves into 3 days.  

After my accident in 2010,  I had to put those dreams in the back burner until I could find a way to do the workshops and balance my work schedule.  I had intended to do one a year but work got in the way and I didn't really pursue it again.  At the end of last year, in 2013, I wanted to get back into the workshop and lucky for me, I got asked to speak at the Chapel Designers in Santa Barbara which was so rewarding.    Again in spring of this year, I was asked by dear floral friend, Alicia of Flirty Fleur Blog to speak for Greater Seattle Floral Association.    It was a complete joy and I'm so happy to share some of the images from our 1 day workshop.

After each of these workshops, my love for teaching and sharing has not only grown but it's blossomed.   (ps:  I feel like I've found something that I love doing thus the reason why I have partnered with my friends, Kelly and Mary on Oh So Inspired. Sorry for this obnoxious plug)

Along with our new website, we are introducing our workshops and the format is very interesting.  Let me (*and my team) come to you.  Instead of coming to a workshop in San Francisco and working out of our limited space in our 700 square production space at the SF Flower Market, fly me to your community where we can tailor a program for you.  

It can be 1 day or even more depending on what your group wants to learn and how much time you have.

I'll give you the recipes, you gather the flowers.  I fly to your town and work in a space that you select.   Provide breakfast and lunch so that we can sit together and get to know each other.  Your investment will go toward learning new techniques and floral trends.   Plus, it's a great time to reignite your creative side.  Also, get feedback - right than and there.    Together, we can work on team projects and tackle things that as individuals we might not get a chance to work on.  It's a good time for all.  

During each hands on workshop, you can ask me questions.  I'll do my part to give you honest answers based on my experiences and tried and true practices.

These wonderful images are from the Belltown Workshop for the GSFA.  Here I demonstrate how to do one of my Signature hand tied asymmetric bouquet in hues of cream, blush, ebony, peaches and brown hues.  Flowers used include peonies, honeysuckle, agonies, sweet peas, garden roses, and other textural elements.

Together we worked on this long centerpiece.  Attendees worked in a production line so that each person had their own task.

And voila - here is the finish piece on top of a pea green linen with silver Chiavari chairs.

The mood is modern and elegant.   Flowers in groupings.  Colors of cream, lime, kelly green and grey green tones.  Flowers used included Vendela roses, creamy hydrangea, white Lisianthus, moss ball dianthus, lime gladiolus, airplanes, white Dianthus, White phalaenopsis in silver mirrored glass boxes with tapered glass tubes.

Close up of the modern centerpiece.

For the Belltown Workshop, I enjoyed meeting so many new floral designers, including our host, Christiane Zweifler of Flora Nova and her adorable puppy labrador, Cosma.  I had made a floral crown which is can work as a dog collar!!! ( hi pups!)

 The sweet and beautiful Tess of July Floral Design with her compote design.

 There is Kelly of Botanique with her lush arrangement. It is as happy as her smile.

Our talented and wonderful host, Christiane of Flora Nova with grand and lovely design.  Those chocolate cosmos are so wonderful.

 This is me looking at one of my arrangements with Anne of Floressence in the stripe top.

I want to thank the wonderful ladies and gentleman from the GFSA who were in attendance.  Pictured below 

Alicia of Bella Fiori & Flirty FleursAnne of FloressenceChristiane of Flora NovaChristopher of Christopher FlowersColleen of BotanikalEmily of Lola FloralJodi of Woodland FlowersKate of In Bloom DesignsKelly of BotaniqueLorie of Ring Around The RoseMelanie of Melanie Benson FloralMelissa of Terra Bella FlowersTess of July FloralWendy of Ravenna Bloom

Visit our website for information on how you and your group of designers can create your own Master Workshops.  Contact us at for investment information. 

All these wonderful images were captured by my husband, Kevin Chin.  What a wonderful surprise that he jumped in to help document the day.  Thank you, Kevin! 

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Press: Elle Hong Kong Wedding features Jubilee Lau Events

20 June 2014

The first time I ever picked up an Elle magazine I think I was in high school(circa 1985).  I didn't know a thing about it when I saw the issue at the El Sobrante Library off of Appian Way.  Here I was, your typically high school junior, studying at the library with friends but in actuality I was preoccupied with other things like checking out what was in Seventeen magazine.  Honestly, that's the truth.

But as I walked to the newsstand looking for the Seventeen, I saw it!  There it was --- Elle!  I knew it was French as I had Mr Bouley's French class since Freshman year.  While I should have just picked up the Seventeen, the cover draw me in. A part of me wanted to be sophisticated so I grabbed Elle. and the rest is history as they say ---- I've been hooked ever since.

So when Jubilee Lau shared on Facebook that she had been interviewed by Elle Hong Kong magazine and that two of her weddings had been featured, I was truly excited for her.  Little did I know that Danielle and Jonathan's nuptials from 2013 at Asian Art Museum would be featured.  Yeah Jubilee.....that's so cool.

The magazine that I had started reading since the 80's, the magazine that I thought was too sophisticated for a high schooled from a small suburb in Northern California, the magazine that featured all things fashionable --- what can I say, I melted inside.  My smile widened. 

Anyway, enough melodrama! 

Just share with me in this beautiful moment.  Much congratulations to the wonderful Jubilee Lau!  And of course, Sarah Peet, the fabulous photographer!!! Way to go

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About Nancy: Our New Website is UP

19 June 2014

The theme of this year must be Adaptability.

We had to move quickly when things at our Dogpatch studio didn't work out. 
When we didn't have an office, we had to scramble to find a showroom.
When our flash based website became difficult for iPhone users to locate on their phone, we had to find a way around this.

Though my passion is about flowers, weddings, events, I am still a business owner and as a business owner I have to be prepared to adapt when challenges happen(especially when the wedding season is in full force). 

So check check check.

We moved our production to the San FranciscoWholesale Flower Market.
We moved our office and showroom to Suite Collective.

(and now)

We have our new website up and running.

Hooray.  We hope you will visit our new website which we have worked hard to get up and running but it was worth the wait.   (and now when you go to our website, you can go to our blog through the "Latest News" button.
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