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26 March 2014

Our New Home

Welcome everyone!  We are excited for our new home....At the Suite Collective.

Our new address is 

Nancy Liu Chin Designs
Suite Collective
400 Brannan Street, Suite 3A
San Francisco, California 94107

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Industry News: We've Moving

21 March 2014

Dear Readers

I must apologize that I haven't written for a while.  It's been a hectic month of changes.  As a person who is use to change, it's still daunting.

A few weeks ago, we learned that we were not able to negotiate lease terms for our space and given that we are moving.  It's bittersweet for me as this neighborhood, Dogpatch, means so much to me.  I remember the first time I saw this space, I just knew it was the right place for NLC Designs to flourish and it has.    When I was getting married, it belonged to Leighsa of Branch Out.  I remember coming here to meet with her about my own wedding.  Though Pico Soriano did my flowers, I always adored Leighsa and as I learned more about floral design, I looked up to her.  It was the perfect spot for me to start my own journey.  

I will always remember the landlord, John, who said that everyone who has leased the space went on to bigger and better things.  He was right.  It was a great place for growth and creativity.

We saw hundreds of brides, grooms in our little corner at 22nd and Tennessee.  It was here that interns were awakened to new idea.  We created art pieces for Bouquets to Art(which is this week).  Thousands upon thousands of stems of flowers came through these doors( Just this week, I think we had over 600 stems of Ranunculus).  It was a place that I loved for it's humble walls and quaint neighbors(many of whom paid a visit).  Everything I love about this neighborhood - it's industrial beginnings, it's simplicity, it's quiet streets were blessings to me.  

I'm just going to miss it so.

I wanted to share a few images of all the works that went through these doors over the years....I guess you could say --- I'm proud that we made it through the doc.com crisis, the '08 housing crisis, and so much more.    This is a thank you to all our friends at DogPatch.  We already miss you.

Photo by Scott Andrew

Photo by Kevin Merrill

Photo by Lisa Wiseman

Photo by Richard Woods

Photo by Lisa Leigh

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Press: Long Island Bride & Groom presents Floral Ideas

10 February 2014

I'm very grateful and pleased that Long Island Bride & Groom magazine asked experts what are some ways to personalize a wedding through flowers.

A few tidbits that I shared with their editors included adding flowers that had some meanings as this is how to create those personable touches and also add meaning behind the choices.

One of my favorite flowers to add to a bouquet are Lisianthus because the flower means "faithfulness" which is such a nice promise.  Can you imagine carrying flowers that hid beautiful vows.

If I can indulge in my own memories, I know that lilac, sweet peas, and peonies were some of my favorites blooms but they have such powerful stories.

Raised American but proud of my Chinese heritage, I loved carrying Peonies in my bouquet as they are the floral symbol of China.  Those who carry peonies embody romance and prosperity and it's often a good omen to carry them as they represent good fortune and of course, a happy marriage.  No wonder brides often ask for peonies, it's a voluptuous bloom and a great symbol of good things to come.

The other flower that I absolutely adore are lilacs. Their scent evokes a sweet, aromatic loveliness. They also are marked with charming delight as white lilac carry the meaning of youthful innocence while purple lilacs denotes "first crush".

Sweet peas are dainty but they carry the meaning of delicate or blissful pleasure.  Surely this enchanting flower in combination with lilac and peonies is a great complement.

If you weave all the flowers of my bouquet --- you get this lovely story which you can share with your soon to be husband, just as I did

"That as I carry my flowers down the aisle, I carry the knowledge that marriage and love is a delicate thing(sweet peas).  For a blissful life(sweet peas), there needs to be a combination of sweetness(lilac) to balance the trying times ahead and romance(peonies) to keep it going, til death do us part. "

Hope you enjoy these wonderful suggestion in Long Island Bride & Groom(on stands now!)

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Real Wedding: Carneros Inn Modern Wedding With Charmed Events by Vincent Au

07 February 2014

I'm a sucker for Modern weddings in unexpected rustic and relaxed venues.  

It's not a secret, I'm a huge fan of Carneros Inn which has the most serenely elegant spaces that I have ever seen.  The Apple Orchard has this quiet calm that makes for a fantastic place to exchange your vows.   The intimate dining room at the top of the Hill next to the pool is a bit of rustic heavenliness.  With it's A frame, modern farm house style, it's a perfect space for a memorable and intimate reception made perfect for destination weddings.

I'm honored to have worked with Victoria and Daniel on their wedding.  They could not be more sweet.  And their design sensibility was fantastic.

Working with a dream team with the likes of Vincent Au, Brooke of Carneros Inn, Frances Liu of Charmed Events, Kevin Chin(my hubby) was pure pleasure.  I'm so glad that we did this together cause it could not have been more fun to make things all happen.

Here is a few images from the Style Me Pretty   Real wedding feature .  For more images, please check out their Full Gallery.  Thank you Vincent Au for the wonderful images.  

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Floral Industry: The Profit's Visit Jacob Maarse Flower Shop in Pasadeana

04 February 2014

Often we get confused as floral designers that we are artist and thus we don't need to understand business, how to run one, how to manage people, how to grow and change old habits.

I'm a realist and I understand that my art is both about the art of floral/event design but also the art of doing business.

I think this very wonderful episode on The Profit (featuring Marucs Lemonis) shows the importance of what many of us including myself is guilty of.

A few take aways

3 components of Success

It's about the People, the Process, and the Product.

Let's not forget that people drive your business.  The product(or service) is crucial. However, often we forget the process is equally critical.  In watching this episode a part of me laughed and cried as I could myself as the owner of Jacob Maarse, wanting to change but unwilling to let go of past habits and actions.    Watch the episode and learn from Marcus Lemonis' advice

To know your business, you must understand your

Your Costs related to your Product and Service
Your Pricing
Your Customer Service
Your Delivery which is vital for florist and floral designers
Your Key Business Figures
Your Organization
Your Inventory
Your Commitment
Your Staff

Lastly --- keep this in mind

Successful business owner subscribe to one important theory --- "they show up first and they leave last."

-Marcus Lemonis

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