Real Weddings: Wedding of the Year #3 - so in LOVE

16 August 2010

I'm a wedding junkie, addicted to all things weddings.  Just because I'm a junkie doesn't mean that I'm so focused on decor, flowers, design that I don't know what makes a wedding special.  C'mon it's people!

The minute I entered the hotel room on that June day, I could see that the bride, Helen,  was happily anxious, purposely ready, and fully certain of what was to come.  Seeing Hwa, the groom, I felt the same way.  Of course, I'm not related to Hwa or Helen but when I saw them, I felt this overwhelming sense of love and honor.  Honored to be a part of their day.  In love with this couple who were also "so in love".

The past year was a complete joy.  Working with Helen was easy breezy.  That doesn't mean that the crew didn't work hard(oh yes we did).  We worked hard but we also knew that whatever we did, Helen + Hwa trusted our taste and decisions which made it incredibly fun.    I hope this wonderful video shows how beautiful, classic their wedding was but also how fun it was!   Thanks to Kevin Chin for this teaser.

Helen + Hwa Wedding Teaser from Kevin Chin Photography on Vimeo.

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Robbie Schlosser said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for Kevin's fantastic video! I'm sure it brings a spark of life to these memorable festivities, and I wish we could get more that just a fleeting glance at your gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces! From your description, it sounds like everyone enjoyed a wonderful reception with your florals, and I look forward to working with you again.

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