Behind the Scenes: Two Bright Lights

02 September 2010

Those ladies at Two Bright Lights are amazing. I haven't really explored their wedding media website tools yet but one thing that I did try was the inspiration board tool.  With the help of the beautiful images by Kate Harrison I was able to create my first inspiration board(by myself). Now why is this a behind the scenes post? It's rather easy. Many of you probably think I work on proposals, design flowers, order flowers, and deliver flowers. I wish that was all a vendor does behind the scenes but it's not.

I'm also the janitor, marketing person, bookkeeper, human resource executive, stylist, and counselor to my clients. So how is a business to grow if it doesn't market and show it's finished product? How can you share with new clients  your capabilities are if you don't pursue a bit of publicity. Any savvy business owner knows that to network and partner with editorial vehicle is a must. Today, it's no longer the icing on the cake but a necessity.

By the way, if I haven't made it clear, Two Bright Lights is a publishing and imaging management service that's primary focus is to help wedding vendors with their marketing and pr. TBL has created a simple and streamlined way for photographers to share their image with other vendors and the blog/editorial world.

Two Bright Lights offers a way for small wedding business owners to get that help they need to publish their work. And I appreciate that. I'm certainly not saying that everyone needs to do it especially if you already have a PR person or you have strong marketing skills and brand strength. But for those that don't know where to start, this is a great way to do it especially if many of the photographers you work with are on TBL.

Beyond the marketing, Two Bright Lights have created fun tools for vendors like myself to create stories through an inspiration board or a slide show to feature of past work. Now, brides and grooms can get behind that....right?

Now, back to the board....

This board features a beautiful, traditional out door wedding designed and planned by the hardworking, talented, and patient Kathryn Kalabokes of Dream a Little Dream.  KK of Dream a Little Dream is on my buddy list of vendors who I enjoy working with.  After this summer wedding, I left admiring Kathryn for being more than just a wedding planner.  She was fabulous and even did the calligraphy on the place cards.  And she designed the dessert bar which was filled with deliciousness.  What a great wedding with lots of simple, refined details, never stuffy. 

What do you think of this? Is this something helpful to you as a vendor?

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Laura Stone said...

I love TBL too! Beautiful inspiration board!

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