About Nancy: Oct 2001

10 October 2011

In the mid 90's, I had dabbed in wedding planning and floral design but I truly had never made it an official career until Oct of 2001 a month after 9/11. The realization that life indeed was unexpectedly shorter than one hoped hit me like a ton of bricks. The meaning of 9/11 was not lost on me and an opportunity to pursue one of my life's dreams had been presented to me. I was ready and I was going to start my own floral and event design business. And I did.

I knew than what I have always known that you have one life to live and that those who want a chance at a remarkable life, plunge head first into the vast unknown.

Since that first step in October of 2001 I have had very few regrets about my life's path. The few moments of regret have only been because I burned a bridge or two or that I missed too many gatherings and celebrations. Now, 10 years later, I am wiser. I've learned to cherish the craft, respect my mentors, and celebrate the milestones.

Never could I have imagined on that lukewarm Autumn day that I might one day do 100 weddings. When the 100th wedding mark passed, I wasn't even aware of it. Too busy was I just trying to work work work that I didn't celebrate or rejoice in that achievement.

Photography by Kevin Chin
However, this summer, I became fully aware that we were reaching another huge milestone -- our 400th wedding. The day couldn't have been better as our wedding was for one of our many great staffers, close like sister friend, Karen Lam. Karen and Steven were married on a beautiful Saturday afternoon surrounded by their parents near a willow tree. I was lucky to have observed it as I was not only her floral designer but one of her many guests.

Photography by Kevin Chin

I'm truly thankful for those who had the faith in me. No one walks this journey of life alone and there are countless cheerleaders who put their hands together and cheered me on. I have had the best experience of my life and there has never been a need to look backwards as I look forward to 400 more weddings.

Photography by Kevin Chin

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Janny said...

Congratulations, Nancy! 100 is amazing and 400 weddings is outstanding. I raise a glass to you and know you have many, many more exciting weddings ahead of you. You and your team do such fantastic work.

Michelle Loretta said...

Congratulations on 400 weddings (and 10 years!) Nancy! What a huge milestone!

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