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05 October 2011

Yes, I am Smitten! Smitten with everything about this new glossy e-magazine, whose tagline is aptly titled, "The Lookbook for Wedding Fancy"!  It's completely true --- everything is beautifully crafted in that Southern, charming way.  Editor and co-founder Della MacNicholas first started in the wedding world as a wedding blogger and slowly evolved her blog, Wedding Row, into a regional blog.  Her quietly subtle and soothing sensibility is very well appreciated from this wedding professional

I absolutely adore it!  There are currently two issues so it's not to late to catch up on all things Smitten!

ps: One of my buddies is featured in Smitten, can you spot which Bay Area mogul is featured in Issue 2? I'll give you a tip - she has a great sense of style! Random winner will get a nice sparkly surprise. Leave a comment with you mailing address and full name! Thanks! One random winner will be announced shortly.

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Della MacNicholas said...

Big thanks Nancy for the lovely post! I hope to be showing off your stylish work in Smitten soon.



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