Press: Modern Bride China features Gertrude + Mabel Photography Wedding

30 November 2011

This is going to make my Chinese American parents very proud of me.  For years now, they think I just goof around all week.  They haven't a clue of what a Floral + Event designer does.  My parents are typically conservative and are still harboring aspirations for their adult/grown children.   No, Mom, I think it's too late for me to be  a physician.  No Dad, I don't think another business degree is necessary as I don't think my clients want me to talk about global market trends as much as local wedding resources.  Yes, Mom,  I think Jeff(which is my brother) is not going to work in the computer field as you had hoped.   Sure Dad, maybe your grandson Jonathan can be the first lawyer in the family.

Well, Mom and Dad, I hope you can be proud of NLC Designs being featured in Modern Bride China's magazine.

Quite happy to be apart of this beautiful Ferry Building Wedding planned by my esteemed wedding buddy, Jubilee Lau.  And much thanks to Modern Bride China (感谢现代新娘中国杂志).  And of course, to our lovely couple, Julie and Nathan.  All these fabulous images were by the talented duo, Gertrude and Mabel Photography.  They are so groovy! 

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