About Nancy: Happy Chinese New Year

24 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year wishes to everyone.

Here are some of my favorite Chinese New Year traditions....

It is traditional for every family to thoroughly clean the house prior to New Year's.  Cleaning or cleansing the house is a way to sweep away any bad luck and of course to make room for incoming good fortunes.  For me, it's just a great way to declutter.  Letting go of things you don't use.  Starting a new year on a clean slate.  I like that a lot.

Many Chinese families love to decorate their windows, doors, homes with red paper cut outs.  Usually red colorful words like prosperity, double happiness, good fortune are things to "hang" on your doors.    Red is one of those festive and bright colors, symbolic of happiness and good luck.  You will see red mixed with gold as they form a celebratory combination.  My hubby and I dressed up in traditional Chinese wedding clothes for a photoshoot but this is not a requirement during the celebrations(you might look a big foolish!).

On the Eve of Chinese New Year, dinner is traditionally eaten with your families.  My mom usually orders or makes a combination of Crispy Roasted pigs, Peking ducks, Fried or steamed chicken as well as dumplings and noodles.  Treats are sometimes hidden in dumplings.  Not to scare you but one year we went to a restaurant that my parents frequent, the chef hid dimes, pennies and peanuts in the dumplings.  Luckily, no one swallowed the "hidden" treats.  The treats represent what your year will bring.  

To all - I wish you a brilliant Year of the Dragon! 

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