Floral Inspiration: Ovando

30 January 2012

"What floral designers inspires you?"

Rarely do I get asked that question.  And when I do, I am not shy in telling people that I love Preston Bailey's work as a whole.  Conceptually his designs are so unimaginable and complex, making them extremely inspirational.

Locally, I just adore Grand Rector of Grant and Co.   He can do grand without even trying.   I'm also a fan of Sharla Flock because she's my buddy.  Her work is consistently well done.  Plus, I enjoy bantering with her.

And of course, Shawna Futagaki of Flower Divas is a mentor and master floral artist.  She is the original MacGyver.  Her work is grand, opulent, fun, bright, and tailored.  Just my cup of tea. Talking with her motivates me to be better.   Pico Soriano of Pico Designs remains one of the most talented and generous hearts in the business.  And I'm so lucky that he designed my own wedding.  My fabulous creamy, pale white bouquet had peonies, stock, lilac, sweet peas, lisianthus and it was breathtakinglyl loose, natural, feminine.  Pretty awesome.

Of course for inspiration I'm a fan of New York's Ovando.  I don't know much about owner and founder Sandra de Ovando but I do know that her work is something that I would order for my own home.  Her minimalistic, sleek, tailored style is dreamy, daring, and artistic.  I'm in love.  Simply, in love!

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