Inspirations: What's Hot in 2012

19 January 2012

Everyone wants to know what's hot now but also what will be hot for this year.  Here's what I think is going to be hot in weddings for 2012.

Post Vintage

Yes, we've loved vintage for so long.  We are definitely entering a post Vintage era.  The more brides I see, the more that I hear that they don't want to do things that look too stereotypical vintage.  Several aspects related to vintage like stacks of old books, antique typewriters, rusty keys, olden luggage, old fashioned mason jars,  aged pie tins, country farmer boxes, old loose buttons are now standard and losing their uniqueness.  In the post Vintage era, be more refined in your design.  Refining what is key, pinpointing beautiful new textures, avoiding cliches are the keys to creating an updated Vintage.

Remember - go beyond.

Courtesy of Style Me Pretty's Best of 2011 Wedding Magazine Issue

Strictly Ballroom
For several years, bloggers and on line wedding resources have inundated us with garden, outdoor, romantic weddings.  The reality is that most couples don't have the luxury to exchange vows under a willow tree in Sonoma or walk through beautiful lush grassy fields in Jackson Hole.  Some of us don't get married in the prime months where the weather is beautiful and calm.  Many of us must face extremely humid and hot climates and/or rainy and windy temperatures.  The truth is that ballrooms, halls, indoor weddings have been snubbed.    It's really not an editors fault.  Who doesn't love when Jose Villa captures a Santa Barbara vineyard, outdoor wedding?  Who doesn't love when Karen Tran does those fabulous ceremonies by the San Diego waters?  Who can resist the detail designs of those lovely Southern estate wedding by Tara Guerard of Soiree Charleston?  Of course we love the graciousness that outdoor venues bring.


Revamped interiors will be a huge trend in 2012. I can't wait to see how couples will transform space.  One key thing is utilizing the ceiling as a design element.

As always I love how lighting and sheer drapery can create softer moods.
From Tic Tock Flowers in Los Angeles
Lastly, remember the more unusual the indoor settings, the better.  Places not typical for weddings will be a must.   Think old railroad stations, university libraries, county halls, or even churches(think of removing pews)

Color Me Mine
It feels as if every color could be trendworthy.

Metals - my favorite new metal is Gold.  Soft gold, burnt gold, antique gold.  This is not shiny gold but more mutted, more blond.  In tabletops, gold is big!  I see it in the china, glassware, lighting fixtures, and more.

Pastels - my favorite pastel hue continues to be blush, suede, fleshy peach. You can use it as an accent with browns, sable, cement or gravel, warm greys, antique golds, vanilla creams.  You name it.

Bolds - Neon brights are hot in fashion.  Colored denim is trendy.  Given that I think there are nice ways of splashing color without making the wedding appear like trashy '80s nightmare flick.  For me, pair a bright bold fuchsia with a neutral color.  I like navy with bright white and hot pink and even a splash of lemon.  Be your own editor and cut things that might make your wedding a cliche.

Photography by Angie Silvy.  Flowers by Nancy Liu Chin

Instead of Pink - Try Lavender or Pale Hyacinth.  I'm loving how this color palette can be paired with blues.  But it is also really strong with taupe, naturals, creams.  And if you think I'm still wrong, check this out.
Courtesy of Canadian Home

New Blacks - Black is always in.  Of course in years past it was all about chocolates and browns.  I'm passed those.  I like true black or even a dark steel.

Neutrals - my favorite neutral is cement, gravel, paperbag.  It's not khaki.  It's not cream.  In fact, it pops against black and white.

Cycle around Cyclamen

My favorite flower for 2012 are cyclamens.  I just love their ruffled petals and their clean stems.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Return to Gatsby
My God!  When I remember watching The Great Gatsby when I was in high school during our American Lit class, all I could remember was Robert Redford in that cable knit Swiss Vanilla Tennis sweater and Mia Farrow in that beautiful sheer white, long sleeve, 20 - 30's flowing dress.  That image has been burned in my head.

It's so ethereal, elegant, preppy, serene.  And I think the influence of The Gatsby 2012 will be a big influence in weddings.  It's Long Island, prestigious, subtle elegance.  Can't you see bow ties, black tuxedos, pearls, white flowing 20's flapper dresses, jeweled brooches, pool parties, tennis lawns, Ralph Lauren mets Tom Ford, gardenias, white lilies, lilacs, old fashion champagne glasses, caviar, candlelights, Pre War mansions, vintage convertibles.  You get the drift, right?

Courtesy of The Great Gatsby Movie

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