Edible Trends: Gimme KimChi from Pink Blossom List

01 February 2012

Once again I've borrowed a wonderful article from Pink Blossom List. When the original post came out in early 2011, who would have known that Korean inspired flavors and food would be everywhere helped by the popularity of David Chang's Momofuku restaurant, Chef Beverly Kim's Top Chef stint, Kim Chi Chronicles, and Roy Choi's Kogi Truck.  It's got to be one of my favorite cuisines because it fuses spicy, sour, sweet, salty in one bite.  Short ribs(kal bi) are one of my delicious items.  As a florist, I appreciate the beauty of Korean food with it's many colorful dishes.


According to foodie website Epicurious, Korean cuisine is one of the top ten food trends for 2011. We've seen Korean food take off everywhere from fancy restaurants to trendy Korean BBQ food trucks. Now for a way to make Korean cuisine chic and wedding friendly.

Kalbi and Bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef and short ribs)

Side dish Kimchi (perfect for vegetarian guests!)

Bibimbap- veggies, beef, fried red pepper paste, and granishes served over rice. 

And perhaps the most fun part is getting creative with table settings! Try a structured, minimalist theme for food presentation and decor.

Photo Credit: Steamy Kitchen, The East World, Ines Chopost signature

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