Press: Style Unveiled Auberge du Soleil Wedding with BLR

20 February 2012

I'm not shy when I meet a client even if it is over the phone.  Typically, I just go right into the nitty gritty.  We'll banter about the venue, the marriage proposal or even their current hobbies.   It's never formulaic or else I'd feel awkward.   By letting the conversation flow, I begin to learn about my client's likes, hopes and dislikes.  Of course, I'll ask them some rather insightful questions like ---  What magazines are they inspired by?  What is their fashion style? And often, we'll circle around the topic of their wedding and eventually land on colors.  It's one of the important aspects to design.  Really!!!!

When I heard our client, Heather, mention that she wanted to do yellows in different hues, I jumped at the chance to design her wedding because I'm a sucker for all shades of yellow.  It makes me smile.

A couple weeks ago, Style Unveiled featured Heather and Sebastian's Auberge du Soleil wedding photographed by  BLR Life Photography with cupcakes by one of my fav's, Kara's!!!  Having worked at Auberge du Soleil, it's never one of those cookie cutter venues.  Each wedding is as different and alluring as the next. This was especially pretty.

Congratulations Heather and Sebastian for picking one of my favorite colors but for also planning it with such calmness.  You made my job incredibly delightful, leaving our team with the chance to choose some of the best blooms.

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Sabina said...

You are right, and inspiring theme and lovely flower bouquets.

Heather said...

Thank you, precious Nancy! Can't wait to work together again soon. Your designs are perfection.

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