About Nancy: Bouquets to Art 2012

16 March 2012

It's that time of year where flowers take over the deYoung Museum.  Yup, it's Bouquets to Art.  It's definitely one of my favorite exhibits at the museum.  Being that floral design is a passion in my life, when I see these flowers turned into art, I'm giddy.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Floral design by Michael Daigian. Photography by C. Bigelow
This beautiful piece was done by Michael Daigian, one of San Francisco leading floral design studios. Michael Daigian has been a fixture in the floral design industry for decades and this piece complemented the amazing Rothko modern painting with perfection.

Mark Rothko's piece is one of the designers favorites as every year many designers end up selecting it.  However, only one designer was able to transform it into a floral design this year.

Mr Daigian's interpretation is so well executed, I don't think I would ever do it justice if I were to be lucky enough to get it.  The technique used is very difficult.  He uses pave techniques along with weaving and layering.  The use of succulents, Billy balls, orchids, dollar sized eucalyptus were remarkable.  I especially like that he custom built the tower which was scaled appropriate.

Truly special.

This next piece is so soothing and ethereal. It is based on Gottfried Helnwein's "Epiphany II".  The balance of the piece caught my eye.  I love white Phalaenopsis orchids but the air plants was clever.  I would say that this year, airplants were trending as were weaving of leaves.  Helnwein's "Ep

Floral design by Ellen Kim of Gingerleaf. Photography by C. Bigelow
This year the main piece was designed by H. Julien.  The tiered tropical foliage chandelier was especially interesting as it moved.  The mobile design was a hit. 

Floral design by H. Julien.  Photography by Kevin Chin

Each year, in January designers are invited to the museum to select their top 5 art pieces --- for which one will be assigned to them. Sometimes you don't get your top five choices.  This year, I was lucky to get one of my five, in fact, it was my 5th choice.   Strangely, this year, I didn't get to see my art piece in person until the morning of the installation.   I picked Arthur Tress' untitled "Donut" out of a book that he had printed.  To be honest, I selected as I was about to turn in my selection ballot so I had forgotten how the piece looked like.  Good thing my "wreath" like design, inspired by the "Donut" worked out well.  Using 500 pieces of lily grass, 70 stems of galax, 18 dozen deep burgundy carnation and striped Phalaenopsis orchids, it was a great and fascinating piece.  So happy to have gotten the "Donut".

Photography by Kevin Chin

My husband, Kevin and I, are a bunch of clowns.  We especially love to clown around in museums.  This self portrait was taken in one of the modern galleries.  Thank heavens the guard didn't see us.  No Flash Photography allowed in the museum.

Photography by Kevin Chin
This next piece was a hit for color and creativity.  Natasha of Waterlily Pond is a great floral designer who's designs are more art and sculptures.  This design is lovely.  Truly inspiring and visually stunning!

Floral design by Waterlily Pond. Photography by Kevin Chin

To be honest, when I first placed this piece I didn't pay attention.  Upon a second glance the details really spoke to me.  Some designs are literal and some are inspired.  This literal interpretation was indeed one of my favorites.  The gate, the scale, the floral work was well done.

Photography by Kevin Chin
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