Best Thing Ever: Center and Above

14 March 2012

The first time I had ever heard of David Beahm was roughly 6 or 7 years ago.  While browsing a Grace Ormonde magazine, I saw this modern centerpiece by David Beahm and I was blown way.  At the time, I thought, I hope I'll get to meet this floral genuis one day.

Several years later in 2010, I found out that David Beahm was going to speak at Wedding 360 in San Francisco. Since I was also a speaker on a panel discussion, I thought I would call him to ask for his opinion and advice. The day I called him, his assistant answered and I was totally content with having his assistant answer the questions but before I knew it, she said, "hold on a moment".  The next thing I knew, David Beahm picked up the phone and started chatting with me for an half an hour, giving me sage advice, heart filled warnings, and terrific insights on time, design, labor, etc.  After the phone call, I felt like I had the courage of a gladiator yet I was shaking because the truth of the road ahead of me was frightening.  Knowing that someone else had gone through what I was about to go through was especially enduring.

When I met David in person, I developed a crush on him (instantly) because he is such a gentle soul.  Calming.  Smart.  Frank.  Lovely.  I don't often describe men as lovely, but David Beahm is lovely. Just so humble.  Just so practical.  Just so savvy.

This design by David Beahm is one of my all time favorites because I love simple, straight foward gorgeousness.  It's modern, sleek, yet romantic.  It's everything I love about a tablescape.  Low arrangements in neutral tones with a dramatic hanging chandelier overhead.  Even the fabric chair covers help to emphasis the ceiling and the centerpieces.   Who doesn't love dark wooden tables, soft lighting.   It's brilliant.   Such simplicity takes precision.

If you have a favorite David Beahm design, do share with us.

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norah said...

It is indeed a beautiful theme of wedding, and surely all the visitors and the bride and groom itself will absolutely love this ambiance. Great post.

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pinkertonjamesl said...

Wow,Great decoration on best theme.Best arrangement in it.Such a dramatic hanging chair and all tables.

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