Real Wedding: Jewel Toned San Francisco City Wedding Part One

18 April 2012

Beautiful, grand, elegant, tailored, glamorous, jewel toned, rich hues. Definitely a city vibe.   I think these were the words that Mandi and Khoa gave me when I first met with them.  And after seeing these images, i think Mandi and Khoa did get their wish.

This is part 1 of a 2 part real wedding post.  I hope you are enjoying the images of Cliff Brunk who I consider my neighbor as his studio is just a few blocks away from Tennessee Street.  Cliff and his wife, Mallory are just the best people.  Cliff like myself worked for Macy's so we have this bond --- we remember working long hours, often times during holiday weekends and understanding the pressure for perfection.  Like many wedding professionals, we both found the work we love and it shows.  If I could write a love letter to Cliff, I would.  These images are quietly captivating. Love.

Love these deep violet heels. 

A moment of peace.  

The bridesmaid bouquet.  Deep and dark magenta peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, cyclamen, lisianthus.  I say, awesome.

Mandi is so serenely calm. I love it.

A double floret of orchids.  Simple. 

Another view of the bouquet.  

In the French Parlor at the Palace Hotel

Love this image.  
City Hall trees
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2 comments: said...

Very lovely photos of the couples, love the floral design.

Eric law said...

Hi Admin,

I find this collection very natural. The emotions are very artistically conveyed. Bravo!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

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