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03 May 2012

How many of you were Girl Scouts? Brownies? Camp Fire Girls?

I was lucky to have been a Brownie and Camp Fire Girl. I don't remember much about those times except for huddling around a campfire eating dinner from our grilled foiled packs of food. Of course there were the sing-a-long. Who doesn't have memories of singing "Kumbaya" around a fire pit. And let's not leave out the scary ghost stories all told with someone putting a flashlight under their chin to make things look more ghoulish at night. Oooooh - scary times.

Though I started life loving the outdoors, in my late 20's till now, I have trade the backpack, sleeping bags, and s'mores lifestyle for thread count, room service, and a heavenly bed.

But a couple weeks ago, a little bird told me about a new concept - glamour and camping = glampiing. And within a few days of me posting on twitter that I think glamping is so "in". I got this email from Kelsey Sheofsky about her new venture.

Let me introduce Shelter to you. Shelter Co is a pop-up luxury camping service offering a curated outdoor experience anytime, and anywhere. Well, that's exciting!   I can have my luxe and outdoors!

Shelter provides fully furnished European style canvas tents and all necessary amenities for group camping trips, weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, and music festivals. Depending on the client's unique needs, they can provide everything from sleeping tents and restrooms to full service catering and activities.

Based out of San Francisco but launching in LA, Shelter is more than willing to travel outside of California.

Let me just say ---- I'm getting my gear ready and you should too.

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