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28 June 2012

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of working and relaxing in Paris, My Kind of Town.

Certainly, it's got a bit of everything. 

Amazing range of gourmet eats, divine architecture, renown museums, fantastic landmarks, soulful neighborhoods, luxuriously manicured gardens, mouthwatering pastries in all shapes and dimensions, fabulous shopping even for those who aren't looking, quirky characters, and historical points of interest. What is there possibly not to love about Paris? Of course, I will share a few of the must go places. 

When in Paris, one of the first places that I long to go is for a walk along the magnificent Avenue Champs Élysées. Personally, I prefer to start from Place de la Concorde and make my way west toward the beautiful and stately Arc du Triomphe. At the Arc du Triomphe, it's a nice gesture to salute and pay respect to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Under the arch, I enjoy pausing to read all the names etched on the inner pillars.  Military leaders from the French Revolution and Empire are engraved on each of the four pillars.

Suddenly you have this feeling that you are quite small!

Photography by Kevin Chin

Another touristy thing to do is visit the Eiffel Tower. Even though some might think it's overrated, trust me, even celebs get a kick out of it.  Every time, every trip  --- I have to go see the Eiffel Tower because it's still so remarkable grand, interesting, and special.  Each time I like to see if from a different view point.  On this trip, we took one of the double decker buses that offers you a fabulous way to see all the key sites of Paris.  I believe it's called Les Cars Rouges.  For $29 Euros, for a  two day pass, Kevin and I were able to see and stop at all the main sites of Paris.  What a great way to see Paris from a bus instead of the metro.  My favorite stop was at Trocadero which is the site of the Palais de Chaillot.  Walk across the front terrace.  Stop at the edge of the Terrace and pause.  Soak it all in.

The Eiffel is across the Seine.  I choose to take the right path because it leads me to another one of my favorite Paris spots.

Yes, the carousel on the Trocadero side of the Seine is marvelous. There is also a carousel near the Eiffel Tower but I like this one much better.  It's not a crowded.

Photography by Kevin Chin
We were so lucky to spot this couple having their wedding photos taken at this carousel.  Kevin had to snape a photo. 

Near the Louvre Museum are several bridges.  For a lovely and inspiring walk, go across the pedestrian bridge known as Pont des Arts which links St Germain des Pres and the Louvre Museum.  It's a short walk but you won't be able to stop reading all the interesting messages on thousands of padlocks.  It's known as Lover's Bridge.  Bring a padlock in your suitcase and find an empty space to add your well wishes.

When in Paris, even if you are not a cheese, wine or food lover, take a stroll along Rue du Montorgueil and discover the charm of Les Halles.  Whether it's the open fruit and veggie stalls or the purveyors of cheese, wine, bread, flower, seafood. etc ---   this truly is the heart and soul of Les Halles which is fast becoming my favorite neighborhoods.   If Rue du Montorgueil doesn't charm you, you can always try Rue Cler which is equally fantastic and in a more ritzy part of town.  On Ru du Montorgueil, there are shops that specialize in cured meats, fine gourmet take aways as well as macarons. There is La Fermette which is one of the most amazing cheese shops. Try the different varieties of sheep and goat milk cheese. I am in love with Comte.

Here is a photo of one of the best cheese educators and shop owners.  She helped select several wonderful cheeses for us to sample.  Divine!!! There it is ---- absolute heaven.

Of course, between all the walks, you have to take in the spirit of the Parisian culture.  Acting like a Parisian should be part of your vacation must do.  There are hundreds of wonderful, charming, adorable cafes.  One of every personality.  Many years ago I would have recommended Cafe de Flores or Les Deux Margot but seriously, they are such a scene.  Truly a guidebook thing.  With prime spots being hard to find try the many others.  In fact, Le Bonaparte is down the block from both of those grand cafes and it's equally fantastic for people watching.   Have that afternoon coffee.  Enjoy a glass of Bordeaux.  Trust me, the wine in Paris is simply amazing.  So smooth.  A must do.

Take in your days.  Reflect.  Feel the romance of Paris, My Kind of Town.

I want to especially thank my lovely husband for documenting our walks in Paris.  Thanks, Kevin Chin!!!

Photography by Kevin Chin
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It's just like I remember!!! Thanks for the visit to Paris.

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Paris is been one of the places that I always want to go since I was in grade school. It is really a wonderful place.

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