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13 June 2012

Hello, Nancy 

I have an event design business in the mid West. I have followed your company for a while now, your designs are amazing and the daily blog posts are so helpful and informative... Thank you for taking the time to do that and helping the newbies... I wondered if you could recommend any places that you like to shop to buy your vases and event decor? There are so many times when I see a picture of something you have sent with a vase, lantern etc and wonder where to get something like that... I would so appreciate any recommendations you could give... 

Thank you! 

Looking for Help


Dear Looking For Help,

Your question is excellent.  You will find my list of resources rather interesting because they include national chains, wholesalers as well as retail brands.  I guess you could say, if I find a vase I like, I'll use it. 

In terms of vases and containers, this a partial list of where I go to look for containers

Pier One Imports 
Crate and Barrel 
Western Wicker at the SF Flower Market 
Coast Supplies at the SF Flower Market 
Fantastico at the SF Flower Market Area 
Floral Supply Syndicate Shibata Floral Supplies 
Good Will 
Bed Bath & Beyond 
Accent Decor 
TJ Maxx 
Save on Crafts 
Pottery Barn
JoAnn Fabric
Home Goods

For this wedding, I used a tapered glass vase from Floral Supply Syndicate.  The gold rectangular base was from Western Wicker.  The floating candles were from  The glass cylinders were from Floral Supply Syndicate and Shibata Floral Supply.  Ribbon that we use is mostly from FSS or Shibata but we also order Midori ribbon.  Votives are from Floral Supply Syndicate.

The spray paint is Brilliant Gold from FSS. 

Photography by Kevin Merrill

For this wedding, the dowels were from Ace Hardware.  Ribbon from FSS and Shibata Floral Supplies.  The background features flowers from a tea set which I got from my engagement party.  The other silver vases were from Highlight Rentals at the SF flower market.

Photography by Gertrude and Mabel
For this wedding's popcorn bar, the ribbon is from FSS and Shibata Floral Supplies.  Apothecary vases have been from various sources including Pottery Barn, Target, TJ Maxx as well as Michael's.  We've been collecting apothecary jars for 4 years now so whenever we find them, we grab them.  I believe the frame was purchased by the client at Crate and Barrel.  Scoopers were found at a local restaurant supply place.  

Photography by Kevin Chin
For this wedding's, faux apple and pears were from FSS and Shibata Floral Supplies.  Gold vases were from Shibata Floral Supplies.  Etched glass were from Bed Bath & Beyond.  We took an olive oil bottle to use as a great vessel.  For the number stands, we found them in a bin at Michael's.  They were very cute but didn't have any "wow" so we dusted them off and sprayed them with Antique Gold Spray paint.

Photography by Once Studio

For this wedding in Healdsburg, I used Lemonade bottles from IKEA.  And small cylinder glass from Floral Supply Syndicate. 
Photography by BLR 
For this Sonoma wedding, the chalkboard escort cards were from Coast Floral Supplies at the SF Flower Market.  The wheatgrass was courtesy of L&K Wholesaler at the SF Flower Market.

Photography by Michelle Walker
For this party at my house, I used white vases from Ikea. The faux apple and pears were from Shibata Floral Supplies and Floral Supply Syndicate(FSS).
The spray paint is Glossy Black from FSS.
Photography by Kevin Chin. Rentals by Classic Party Rentals

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