Floral Inspiration: Varda Rue Montorguiel

26 June 2012

You might recall that I was in Paris a few weeks ago.  I'm finally getting my thoughts together but I warn you this might be a long process as I came right back to wedding season.

The trip to Paris was completely amazing which sounds so insincere.  But there are no words.  It was Amazing!  From the walks, the shops, the sites, the food, the people - I was completely falling in love with Paris as if I had never been there before.

Though it was my third trip to Paris, I felt giddy.

It wasn't all fun and games but work in fact.  There was a photoshoot to prep.  Images and stories to tell.  And places to go so that I could share it with you.

As Kevin and I walked through the many arrondisements, I saw incredibly floral shops. So many that I will have to do a separate post one day.

Today, I'm sharing one of Paris' brilliant floral designer - Varda. While Kevin and I were walking in Les Halles on our way to a Food Tour, we couldn't find the meeting point to the tour. We took one wrong turn and ended up at Rue Montorguiel which is a heaven street to get lost in.

Of course we didn't know where we were so I decided to ask someone. A few steps away from where we were lost - I saw a floral shop named Varda. Being a floral designer, I knew this would be a great place to ask for directions.  Plus, when one is lost, it's always nice to find a friend and beautiful place to browse and get even more lost in.

Little did I know that I had walked into the famous Varda. Truly  - the floral displays are out of the world.  Can I say that it's artistically divine.

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