Press: Quarry Hill Shoot in Casa Sugar

05 June 2012

I've been secretly addicted to Pop Sugar for years now. And within the Sugar world there is Tres Sugar, Buzz Sugar and Casa Sugar. So of course, I was completely blindsided the other day when I saw this article on unique and alternative ceremony ideas for outdoor weddings.

Why was I blindsided?

Well, while flipping through the article and it's related images, I saw one image featuring the work of BLR Photography and A Savvy Events. And yours truly!!! Yes, that's so cool to be on Casa Sugar. It's the cherry on top.  It's the cat's meow.  It's the best thing ever.

Now, for those of you who need another blog and decor idea to read, you have got to go to Casa Sugar to see their wedding ideas.  And believe me, it's not just about real weddings.  It's more than that which already makes it a standout.

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