About Nancy: Keeping it Fresh

16 July 2012

Earlier this spring I attended a wedding network meeting in which a magazine editor was the keynote speaker. During this lovely lunch and lecture, our lovely speaker from The Knot brought up a few things about what she liked in a website.

 Being a firm believer that your website is like your "store front", I was quite taken with her message. As a business owner if your website images are not updated every few months(quarterly), it's like having old merchandise in your store front.

You would think that floral designer would understand this concept but I'm always shocked when I see floral websites in which the designs look like they haven't been changed since 1999.

One thing that I like to do is to keep our website fresh which means that we rotate out old images.  Sometimes I get attached to a design and I can't quite remove it but I have to remember that content needs to be fresh and new for our clients.

Things that look like it's been on our site for a while, we tend to remove and replace with something from our recent weddings.

The point is --- keeping things relevant, fresh, timely is so key to keeping up your brand's image. We invite you to take a look at Nancy Liu Chin Designs (again) as we have added a few new images to our home page.

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