Press: Smitten Features Paris Shoot

30 July 2012

My girlfriend calls me and she says that she is eloping. A while back I would have talked her out of it but instead I cheerful reply, " it".

Part of my enthusiasm is the fact that I understand the busy life of complicated families who have to juggle a million details because I am part of one.  Like many others, I have family spread around the world. Trying to plan a family event is more complex than doing my taxes(trust me --- we been trying for 3 years to plan a family vacation).  So when one has to plan a wedding to please all parties, it can daunting, frustrating and overwhelming(understatement).

For a busy gal, who is planning a wedding in the Bay Area while working in New York, the alternative of running away seems more like a brilliant solution.

This City of Lights Photoshoot featured in Smitten Magazine inspired by real couple Emily and Khashi is just about that --- running away.  Eloping.  Getting Hitched.

The best part of the whole thing is that we've documented it for you and created simple ways to make it meaningful.  Throw out the rule books every once in a while.

Photography by Kevin Chin Photography
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Such a nice collection of snaps specially the flowers that are used in these are so beautiful..

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