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13 August 2012

The other night one of my hubby's wedding clients asked how we meet new friends. What a great question? Both of us thought about it for a pregnant moment. Finally, Kevin(aka KC) admitted that many of new friends that we meet are definitely through our work and equally through the event industry.

Unquestionably, I've seen a few vendor friends more than I've seen my brother in LA or my gal pal in NYC.  Though some may be bakers, others are caterers, we're united by the shared experiences.
When you see vendors over a course of a wedding season or several, you develop from casual acquaintances to buddies.

Having been in industry for a decade, I'm happy to share with you my buddy list. It's a list that started out small but is growing as I collect more people along the way. Each have inspired me. Many have supported me during the lows(Jubilee brought me Chinese porrigee when I had an accident and was convalescing in bed). Several have opened my mind to new things(Andrew Hsu and I are very competitive on Words with Friends).  Many become a sounding board(like Bridget Brown of Bella Bridesmaid) Others are such creative individuals that you enjoy their company(aka Tara Arrowood, talking about horseback riding, Burning Man, married life, and doing a Raw Food diet).  Of course we also do the ocassional shop talk which is natural since weddings are a part of our daily rituals and life.

Today, I'm sharing with you a new person on my buddy list.  Turns out Vero Suh and I share many common interests behind our love for photography and weddings.  Both of us worked at Banana Republic in the merchandising division, we love dogs(she has Monkey, I have Chin Chin + Ro) and we have an infinity for pretty things including design and fashion.  She's a strong, smart, savvy person  - one to watch in the industry.

Below are a few engagement shots that she took of our couple, Fanny and David who are getting married this year.

Vero's style is one that I identify with --- classic with a touch heartfelt emotion yet modern and fresh.

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