Floral Inspiration: The Art of Foliage with LMD

30 August 2012

If you haven't heard of Lewis Miller, go google him now! Of the many floral designers that I admire, he is up there. His sophisticated, modern traditional designs have exquisite details that personifies timeless style.

It's what I strive for in my own work and seeing it another, makes me swoon. Seriously!

Recently, I saw this image on Lewis' blog in which he used a traditional garland for the aisle.  A magnolia garland has long been associated with holiday decoratiions, but in the hands of dear dear LMD, he makes it remarkably light and ethereal.  Gone is the heaviness of this dark foliage.  

To dress up that aisle which long garlands of foliage was quite impactful and a good lesson for all to take something old and make it so so refreshingly brand new!  Love love love.

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