Guest Post: 5 Creative Proposals

20 August 2012

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I feel fortunate that we have generous supporters.   Without these supporters and patrons, I don't know if the Brown Bag would continue.  Luckily, we can!

Every now and then I'm very glad that our patrons want to guest post as they have fresh ideas and tips for our readers.   This one is about wedding proposals.  Not just any ordinary ones...truly special and memorable.

Today's Guest Post was written by Katie Miller and brought to us by 77 Diamonds.

If you are planning on proposing to your significant other in the near future, chances are you’re running through all kinds of ideas. Of course, there are certain aspects of the average proposal that are always the same. You’ll need to figure out a romantic way to “pop the question,” and you’ll have to take some time to look through selections of engagement and wedding rings from 77 diamonds or other stores to make sure you pick out a great ring. However, getting past these basics, you’ll also have to figure out where you’ll be when you propose, and what exactly the proposal will involve. It’s always nice to make this a particularly memorable moment, so here are five very unique and exciting proposal ideas that might help get you thinking on the right lines.

1) Skydiving Proposal – If you and your significant other enjoy your thrills, then this might be a tough idea to beat. Go skydiving together, and either propose in the plane just before the jump or, if you think you can manage it, propose on the way down! Of course, you’ll have to wait until you land to actually give her the ring, but this can be a very thrilling proposal.
Imagine skydiving and see this.  Sarah, will you marry him?

2) Performance Proposal – This one can cost you, but if you have a connection or are willing to spend some money it can be spectacular. Hire a band, a singer, or even a theater group to help you with popping the question in whatever way you design. This is definitely a bit over-the-top, but in the right situation it can be perfect.

This is Epic.  To proposal at a concert.  I love it
3) YouTube Proposal – People use the Internet for everything these days, so why not designing proposals? You can do just about anything on camera and send it to your fiancé-to-be at work, and be hiding nearby to watch her reaction. For example, consider altering a normal video, or lip-syncing a song and dance, for some YouTube proposal ideas.

4) Public Signs Proposal – Everybody knows the popular proposal on the scoreboard idea. However, this has become a bit common and stale, and unless you’re both major fans of a certain team it may not be a very personal idea. Instead, see if you can rent out ad space or post on a public sign where she’ll be sure to see it. This can be shocking, and shows a great deal of effort on your part.

This proposal happend on a public beach.  Crazy awesome, right?

5) Scuba Proposal – Much like the skydiving idea, this will only work with some couples, and you’ll definitely have to be very careful not to lose the ring. However, presenting a ring underwater can be both fun and romantic for the right couple. You could even set things up to stage finding the ring underwater, provided that you are diving in a relatively shallow location.

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