Inspiration: Lovely Lace Wedding

23 August 2012

It seems like every wedding in 2012 had shades of nude, rose gold, blush, or soft coral pinks. I love these colors because they are feminine but also classic. And whether you had a rustic wedding or a classic ballroom soiree, it worked beautifully.

The question becomes ---- how to reinvent these blush hues and make them relevant for 2013?

By adding a neutral like black, it makes it edgier.  Take the awesome wedding gown below with that black applique detail.  It makes blush riveting, stunning, dramatic.

Add a black chandelier to a space and things suddenly take on a modern feel.How about grapefruit wedges instead of the standard lemon or lime twist.  Instead of a diamond, how beautiful is that peachy sapphire with rose gold.  Heavenly, right? This Lovely Lace Mood Board puts me into a sentimental mood where old gets a face lift.

With my pinterest board, I can see easily how blush with black and champagne can be new again.

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Flowers Melbourne said...

That lace dress with feather cinch is so lovely, one of the best I've seen in a while!

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