Floral Inspiration: Moniek Vanden Berghe

06 September 2012

Earlier this spring, before the wedding season started, my husband and I made a trip to Paris. Before we landed in Paris, we stopped off in Frankfurt. During any layover, you will find me shopping. Not at the duty free shops, of course! I am perusing the magazine racks. Looking for what you might ask? Typically I'm looking for a wedding magazine or some travel magazine. However, when I land in Europe, I look for floral magazines.

It's during these precious stopovers that I try to buy as many floral design magazines that I can get my hands on because there is a lack of magazine devoted to floral arts in the States.

During this trip that I discovered floral designer, Moniek Vanden Berghe in Fleur magazine. To describe her work as minimalistic would be downplaying the truth. I am not a floral artist in any way but there are those out there are who genuine artists, and Moniek is an artist and visionary.  Her body of work leaves you longing and yearning for more, much more. The designs makes you think. Even in its most practical uses, it's stunning with a distinctive point of view that many designers lack. The voice in Moniek's work is astounding in it's lines, shapes.  Each design isn't overwhelming with flowers.  In fact, many center around 1 or 2 elements at most.  Yet, each is overwhelming complex.  How is that possible?

This is one of my favorite designs.  Taking just long stemmed calla lilies in white, Moniek has transformed a very traditional and ordinary chapel and made it modern, contemporary, ethereal, airy, and spiritual.  The rhythm in her lines create a balanced harmony.  Do you like this?

Even with simple materials, she can transform a container into a sculpted design.  I find this so definitively exquisite in shape and texture.  Even when I stare at it for a long time, I can't tell you what it is which is why I like this design so much.    It makes you want to look at it longer!  Soulful in design, Moniek has made me a believer in less is much much more.

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Deb Di Bella AIFD said...

I love Moniek's work. Thanks for sharing her designs.

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