Lessons: The Language of Style Series

10 September 2012

Has the thought of describing your wedding style caused you to go into a panic attack?
Have you pretended that you know what Retro Modern means?
Do you default to "simple & elegant" when describing your floral style?
Have you been caught completely stumped when your planner asked if you prefer the Gothic Gold plates versus the King George Classic plates?

Having combed the internet, I had some help from Better Homes & Garden, Real Simple, and Casa Sugar for this series on the Language of Style because honestly, understanding what something is can be the root of the solution when planning a wedding, soiree, party or even when decorating!  Because there are endless styles and moods, I'm going to do a series on The Language of Style. Today I will tackle 3 different styles ----- Modern, Cottage and Country.

Hopefully you will find this helpful as you start your wedding planning.

What is....

Modern Think sleek lines, clean angled furniture, neutral color palette, contemporary decor, and minimalist designs that's up-to-date. Simply put --- stylishly hip, instantly present day.
Flowers that are modern could include Phalenopsis orchids, iris, mini callas, tulips, branches, massed flowers, gardenias.
Neutral colors and monochromatic color palette embody modern design.
Invitations are devoid of frill but more linear with bold typeface.
Patterns that are less floral but more geometric add whimsy without being to "cute".

My spin on Modern in 2013:
Color: Slate, Jet Black, Cloud White, Buttery Caramel, Soothing Taupe, Poppy Red, Pale Camel
Flower: Gardenias in modern glass bowls, Hanging flowers above an intimate long table
Venue: Large, high ceiling spaces like art galleries, loft restaurants, modern warehouses
Invitation: Black invitation in matte satin.  Menus with a pop of color but very simple
Decor: Acrylic details, Link Dot patterns
Cake & Sweets: Dark chocolate at the end of the evening and a modern sculpture cake
Personal Details: Modern Whimsical fun like a Scrabble Family Tree and send them home with a bag of Blue Bottle coffee beans and a mug!

Cottage Evoke a sense of home. Comfortable, cozy, relaxed. A place that reminds you of all the comforts of an intimate bed and breakfast. Think calm, pastel hues, sweet and pretty florals, vintage details, charming accents. Venues like Carneros Inn mixes the fill of a Cottage into their decor. Instantly you feel like you are home. Flowers like peonies, hydrangea, garden roses, clematis, ranunculus, snapdragons, stock, anemones, jasmine evoke the sweetness of a Cottage style Think beautiful mixtures of flowers whether it's lavender, sage, creamy or butter, peach, lavender, coral. This is soft, pretty.

My spin on Cottage in 2013:
Color:  Pastel Peach, Squash, Citrus Lemon, Clear water Blue, Grey Sky, Sea breeze, Appealing Apricot, Champagne Stone, Cobblestone, Faded Cream, Bittersweet Pink
Flower: Garden variety roses, lisianthus, sweet peas, camelia leaves, jasmine, paper whites, jonquils, butter hued stock, clematis, dahlias, passion vine, gentle foliage
Venue: Outdoor garden, cottage style home, country garden, women's club
Invitation: Floral pattern, wallpaper prints, lace or paper doilies
Decor: White milk glass or an updated version of kitchenware, floral pattern china, striped napkins.
Cake & Sweets: Peach Popsicles, squash and goat cheese, roasted chicken dinner, cornbread, collared greens, sweet tea, Chicken Pot Pies! 
Personal Details: Seersucker suits, old white bicycles, lemon syrup favors, throwing birdseed. Send them home with lemon drops

Country A casual, slightly lived-in look utilizing secondhand furniture, collectibles, blue-and-white palettes, rustic detailing. Venues like barns, ranches, country home, stable, carriage house, campsites, country gardens would fit with this style. Things rustic. Flowers like sunflowers, daisies, mums, cosmos, anemones, poppies, scabiosa pods, geranium, sweet peas, wheatgrass, fiddlehead, hydrangea, field flowers, herbs

My spin on Country in 2013:
Color: Natural Mahogeny, Soothing Wisteria, Cooling Cucumber, Beige, Moonlight Grey, Faded Chalkboard, Popcorn, French Lavender, Milk White, Grass, Cornflower Blue
Flowers: Loose arrangements, lush foliage, lilac, cornflowers, bella donnas, tweedia, lavender, heirloom garden roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas, geranium, ferns, rustic foliage, tree branches, potted herbs
Venue: Wood Barn or Country House
Decor: Rustic folded chairs, Keys, wine barrel, wooden rustic tables, door motif
Invitation: Motif of lavender, scripted and softer fonts, calligraphy, chalkboard signs
Cake & Sweets: Popcorn Bar, Milk and Cookies, Salted Caramel
Personal Details:  Mustard Jar on tables, milk bottles filled with water, Hang tags with keys as Escort cards, lavender on each place settting

Stay tuned as I continue the exploration on the Language of Style. Next time I'll feature Flea Market and many others.
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What a great article! Brides do struggle with "wedding verbiage" and this is a great summary for the terms that are often floated but seldom understood. It's perfect that you added images as well.

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