Inspirations: My Kind of Cakes

15 October 2012

As an event designer, I get asked tons of questions ranging from what are new color trends to fresh new ideas in dessert tables to unique one of kind venues to cake trends.

For today's inspirational post, I would love to tackle some of my favorite cake designs and trends.

1) Sweet Flowers
When it comes to cakes, brides love adding floral embellishments.  Fresh flowers have been popular ever since I can remember.  But for me, the trends that I love are cakes with large flowers that are made from clay, sugar or gum paste.  Though I love real flowers, when it comes to cakes, I prefer cakes decorated with hand made cake florals especially large dutch roses like the ones below.   The 2nd image shows an exaggerated multi petal large rose.

Courtesy of Maisie F Cakes
Courtesy of Studio Cake

Courtesy of Inticing Creations

Courtesy of Caketress

2) Ruffles and Pleats
Giving your cake some movement sounds quite difficult to do.  After all, you don't expect a cake to have motion like flowers.  To create curves, and 3 dimension you have to think outside the box and with pleats and ruffles, you can create lovely whimsy that makes a cake feel layered.

I love ruffles or pleats which can give a simple cake a bit of wow.

Courtesy of Maisie F Cakes
This is another intrepretation of movement.  This cake has the feelings of layers.  I love the reverse ruffles.  Very Victorian without looking stale or old fashion.
Courtesy of Maggie Austin Cakes

Courtesy of Studio Cake

 3) Tone on Tone Neutrals
I'm loving how beautiful and intricate a tone on tone neutral cake can look.  The key is to add details that stand out so that the white on white or cream on white doesn't become too plain or boring.  The more intricate the details the more stunning it can look.    Having a bit of white space gives the cake definition.  The 2nd cake is a great example of white space that actually enhances the pattern.

Courtesy of Maggie Austin Cakes

Though simple in design, the assymmetry of this white on white cake makes it modern.  It's a love for me.

Courtesy of Maggie Austin Cakes

This white on butter hued cake is lovely tone on tone cake.  With the cake being slightly creamy in hue, the white dainty stephanotis really shows up well.

Courtesy of Inticing Creations

Stay tuned for more inspiring trends for 2013.

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