Best Thing Ever: Holiday Cookies

05 December 2012

post signatureSurely, it can't possibly be December already?

I'm having a panic attack because there is less than 26 days left in 2012 and for once, I'm just not darn ready for 2013.

Forgive me but I need a little cookie "eye candy" relief.   I have to admit....there is one thing that makes me happy around the holidays and that's the sight of holiday cookies whether I'm receiving them or making them.  You put on your holiday music, tie on a red apron, and you get those cookie recipes out.

Though I am a fairly decent cook, I am not a good baker however during the holidays I will make a few dozen sugar cookies or peanut butter cookies to share with friends, my vendors who deserve a little extra sweet, or just for myself as I've been more than nice(not naughty this year!).

Here is the wonderful, best thing ever holiday recipe place to go!!! Glorious Treats

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