Best Thing Ever: Aerialist Press

14 January 2013

The first few posts of the year can be a bit daunting because you want to start it out with a BAM!(very Emeril Lagasse) 

Finding cool designs, inspiring trends, meaningful details, and thrilling vendors has never been quite this difficult. After all, it feels as if there are a gazillion blogs, an infinite amount of resources and endless chatter on twitter and then there are facebook posts galore.  Oh well!

Nevertheless, nothing has impressed me as much as The Aerialist Press which happens to be in my backyard.  Hopefully by the time this posts, I will have met our cool designers ---- Alexandra and Craig(I scored myself an invitation to meet them --- swooning!)

Theirs designs --- from vintage to classic, whimsical to modern have captivated my attention.  It's the Best Thing Ever in affordable and inspired wedding stationary. Bravo to them.

Here is one of my favorite designs.  It's called Ace. It's got the classic calligraphy font with modern touches. The entire suite is clean, familiar, inviting and a good balance of modern without being too stuffy.

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