Floral Inspirations: Dusty Miller

18 January 2013

Photography Laura Murray as seen as Martha Stewart Weddings
What is Dusty Miller?

If I were to describe it to my clients, I would say it's a velvety, suede like foliage that is silver-white in hue.  It's base is green and the leaves can be spikey and petite in size or clover.  It's a great and fine textured foliage that contrasts will against other green foliage, vines.  In floral design, it's lovely for wintry weddings to add that velvet texture.  For summer it works lovely with hues of peach, corals, creams, butters, pinks, blushes.  Easy to grown it can withstand heat but when used in boutonniere work, it can droop.

Here are a few great floral designs using dusty miller.
From Blake and Ryan Reynolds Wedding as seen in Martha Stewart Weddings 

Dusty miller in a centerpiece with blush hues.  Photography by Gertrude and Mabel

Clarice and Hubert's wedding at Viansa featured spiky dusty miller. Photography by Stephanie Williams

My dear friend Sharla Flock created this love centerpiece with hints of Dusty miller. Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

We love this bouquet that was created for Kat's wedding.  Photography by Elle Jae 

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florist online said...

Good guidelines. How about a list of better service providers as well?

Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

Dusty miller is very cure,soft and gentle,looks great in flower arrangements!

Wedding Favors said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful floral inspirations. I really like the Blake and Ryan Reynolds dusty miller floral design it's so elegant.

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