Industry News: Florabundance Design Days Jan 22-23

04 January 2013

Floral friends, I have something of the most exciting nature!

Do you ever long to touch beautiful flowers?
Do you want to be inspired by creative and trend right designers?
Who wants to meet other like minded floral designers who are equally enthralled and passionate about floral design?

Look no further as Florabundance(aka amazing wholesaler out of Santa Barbara) has an amazing experience called Florabundance Inspiration Design Days.

I was fortunate to have chatted with Holly Chapple a brilliant designer from the East Coast this week. We met at Wedding 360 and afterwards became twitter pals. During our recent call, Holly mentioned that she is a guest speaker and will be creating a florals for the 2 day experience(Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs will also speak!  She's a gem!).

I remember during the fall, I was looking for peonies and Kelly Ochiro of Kelly Ochiro Designs mentioned Florabundance.  Now, Holly is raving about them, too.  All I wish is this ---- Joost, please come to San Francisco and show us your lovely product and share about your passion in flowers!!!

For those who have a chance and feel they are longing to create, be inspired, and make new connections, this could be that perfect opportunity especially as these things don't happen that often and near the Bay Area.

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