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04 March 2013

I hope some of you will have read Ask Nancy: How to Sell Event Design?  post.  In the post, I address how to sell your styling and design services.  Today, I going to tackle the second part of her question.   How to create packages?  What a splendid question!  

(see her original ask nancy question below) 

Hi Nancy!! I'm a huge fan and love love your blog! I'm a wedding floral designer from Portland, Oregon, and my question for you is about Styling. I don't think brides in the Northwest see the value in this service - they'd much rather bounce design ideas off if their BFF than pay for this extra service. Any ideas on how to upswell this service to brides during a consult, and tips on putting together a few basic packages to offer them at different price points?

Thanks!! Stylish in Portlandia


The second part of your question is tips on basic packages at different price points.

There are many ways to go about it and for me, I prefer to have a starting point and that's about it.  For me, I like keeping it simple especially when it is a service.  One starting price and the rest is customized.    It is the least confusing for me and my clients.

For example, you can say your Event Design pricing starts at $xxxx for xx amount of hours that includes
1) design concept
2) floor layouts
3) procurement of design items
4) procurement of certain design vendor services
5) mock up of centerpiece and table
6) rental procurement of tabletop designs

****(this is just a sample list --- you come up with what your minimum service will entail)
Thus --- that can be your minimum package.  Which will allow you the flexibility to set a minimum range of service will leaving enough room for you to customize things for your clients.

That way you don't have to lock yourself in.

Find a price point in which you feel it's fair for what you are doing.

For example, if you know you will work on an event design for 40 hours and you also need the help of 1 assistant for 8 hours --- well, that's 48 hours.  Even at a very low hourly wage at $20***** per hour( I know this is relative to your area but in SF $20.00 is not a very high hourly wage, this equals about $41.6K annually which is 36% below the SF average of $65K annually .  If you assumed $20 per hour, that's $960 dollars for event design/styling.

*****Personally I think $20 per hour is on the lower side.  I would like to think that the hourly rate should be much higher given the your expertise, brand recognition, experience level, contribution, geographic location, client's perception, and value added.

I am not an expert on pricing or packages so I invite others to join in and share your tips.

Thank you Stylish in Portlandia! And readers, please don't be shy, keep these great questions coming.

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