Floral Inspirations: Hang In There

15 March 2013

Hanging flowers isn't necessarily a new trend but what started out several years ago is picking up steam.  This year, Hanging Floral Art and Focal Pieces will continue to be strong but we will see new applications of the idea of hanging.

Here a few inspiring hanging floral designs that range from artful to whimsical, from modern to sublime.

This one is so playful and I love how it blends with that fabulous botanical wallpaper print.

This hanging floral branch is not only artistic and dramatic, I love that it's useful too.
Hanging table number in the manzanita branch is genius.

From Ruffled Blog
I love floral chandeliers, often set over a special table but this floral centerpiece  is awesome and perfectly love for those who don't want a floral piece to impede conversation.

From Martha Stewart
I seriously don't even want to know how they did this....it's an upside garden and I love it.

We've seen so many application of paper flowers but this one to me is just breathtaking.
I love how some of the flowers drip downward.  It's simple, yet complicated.

From on Mindy Weiss Pinterest Board
The movement on this piece is remarkable and gives the illusion of a print pattern when it's daisies on the ceiling.  Fabulous

One of my all time favorite piece --- is this magnificient piece using foliage.  It's brilliant.
From Lewis Miller Design 

The repetition on this piece makes it modern and still so fresh.

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