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13 April 2013

Hi  Nancy's Brown Bag Readers

Every now and then, I add more friends to my Buddy List so feel free to take a look at all the new buddies I've enjoyed working with through the years.  (I think it's a pretty good list filled with good people and businesses)

Recently, I've added a few new peeps on my list including the wonderful group of planners at Downey Street Events.

Planners, Cassandra, Emily and Lauren are my kind of planners.  Smart, cool, organized, forward thinking, client oriented, and vendor friendly.    A dream package! 

I remember chatting with Emily at a lunching a few months back.   I found her fascinating as she's a lawyer who fell in love with wedding planning.  I believe it was during the planning of Lauren's wedding that both Emily and Lauren found their calling.  Using their artistic talents, knack for negotiating, and strong organization skills, they forged and created DSE.   With Cassandra, another successful event planner whose client list included Banana Republic(my former employer), Wine Spectator and Oracle, on board, the trifecta of talent has forged to become one of the Bay Area premiere go to event designers.

To me, I'm just so impressed and happy that I get to work with them on elegant, polished weddings.   Welcome, Downey Street Events to our Buddy List!!!

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Emily said...

Nancy thank you for this nice post!! So honored!

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