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10 April 2013

Hi Nancy, 

I saw your recent blog post with Nellie's wedding; I was wondering what the green leafy branches were on her tables and where did you get them? I always have trouble finding product like that during the summer! I would love it if you have any advice. Good luck with 2013!

Looking for Branches


Dear Looking for Branches

I love Nellie and Nelson's wedding.  Thank you for commenting about it and the branches.  I'm sharing a few more photographs so that you can see how beautiful Nellie was in her dress.  All the photographs are by John and Joseph Photography

When Nellie came to me she had this one inspiration photo.  Here it is below.  

We took that photo --- dissected what we loved about it.  And as the days unfolded, we realized that we loved how a grand room could look like an indoor park.  Nellie loved the idea of bring Central Park into a wedding.

The venue she picked was the opulent Garden Court at the Palace Hotel.  It was perfectly suited for transformation.  

Here is the beautiful Nellie with her sister to the right in a peach champagne gown.  The rest of the bridal part are in taupe long goddess dresses.  I love how different each gown is.

For her centerpiece, I went to local grower Green Valley who is located in the San Francisco Floral Market and I asked him to cut whatever he could find that would hold up well, that wouldn't be too stiff and would have a nice medium green leaf.    To be honest, I believe it's a Black Walnut Tree branch but I confess this.  I am not a tree expert.

Truly, it's about working with the vendor as I couldn't even begin to tell you how little I know about trees and foliage.  There are so many trees indigenous to different regions that you don't learn in floristry classes.  It's by going to the market, talking to your supplies that you learn.  

I don't know where you, Looking for Branches, are located but it's important that you meet gardeners who know what trees are blooming where and when.    If you can't locate a gardener...then take a drive with your iphone or digital camera.  Touch the leaves. And show your local greens supplier what you like.    Make a list of tree branches that you like.  Experiment.

Bottom line: You have to work side by side with your vendors who are closest to the resources that you need.

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limelightfloral said...

We constantly get this question from other florists regarding Mockorange branches which come from this past wedding. The answer is always complicated because the wedding they wish the branches were available all take place in October - November.

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