Behind the Scenes: A Girl Can't Help But Dream

24 April 2013

The world of Pinterest has not only made it easy for those who are actually planning a wedding or event to get inspired, but it has also inspired girls like me to start planning their wedding before they even have a groom. Scrolling through endless amounts of pictures of anything your could imagine can consume you for hours on end.
In college I found Pinterest to be the ultimate procrastination tool. In the library, during class, anytime I was trying to avoid those awful term papers, or long lectures. My Pinterest boards include fashion, food, beauty, home decor, fitness, and weddings & events. That last board I listed began as something with ideas for all types of events. But slowly I have come to realize that it contains all the things I would like for my wedding one day. 

After talking with some of my friends about this, it is safe to say that my wedding board is nothing in comparison to others. I have found friends of mine who have every last detail picked out from their venue, their colors, their dress, and even their cake. Seeing my other friends wedding boards on Pinterest makes mine look rather innocent. I am in no way the worst offender of planning their wedding before even having a groom.   

It became very hard once I started this internship to keep myself from dreaming of what I would one day like my wedding to be like. Constantly being surrounded by brides, wedding photos, and happy couples makes it hard to not be inspired. A girl can dream, right? 

My wedding board contains pictures of rings, dresses, flowers, and picture ideas. But the day I start pinning the exact dress, or have a venue and cake and photographer picked out is the day I might need to make myself take a break from Pinterest. 

People say it is good to have something like a "vision board" that contains pictures of the certain things one hopes to attain in life. When you think about it, that is all that Pinterest is. An online "vision board". Maybe by putting these ideas out into the universe, it is a way that we can attract the type of life we want. Whether it be your dream house, the perfect outfit, a fitness goal, or even the perfect wedding dress, there is nothing wrong with having goals for yourself in life or just simply dreaming.

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