Behind the Scenes: My Favorite Place Thus Far!

01 April 2013

Dear's Kate again!

Traffic is one of the downsides about working in the city and although I find myself getting quite used to the morning commute, some days it is the last thing I want to do. On this particular day I drove into the city, battling the traffic from the east bay and spilling coffee on myself not exactly knowing the beautiful sights I would soon be rewarded with. We were going on a site visit to The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Although I have always known how beautiful and luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotels are I have never myself been blessed enough to stay at one of them. As I walked into the hotel I instantly fell in love. The loveliness only grew as I walked outside and stood on a cliff next to a sprawling golf course watching the waves crash against the shore.

My first thought.... How could someone NOT want to get married here?!?!

View of the Golf Course from the ceremony area.

Being that this visit took place on a plain mid-March afternoon I did not expect to see much sun. Half way through the visit the sun broke through the clouds and I found myself wishing I hadn't left my sunglasses in the car. Watching the hotel guest enjoying the views made it hard for me to not think about how lovely it would be to be sitting in one of their adirondack chairs with my little brown poodle on my lap and latte in hand. But business had to go on!

We finalized the floor plans of the reception and measured the ceremony area which was on the cliff overlooking the ocean. Because the ceremony area is slanted, notes had to be taken about how we were going to make sure that everything would be secured.  

View from the cliff overlooking the ocean. I was in LOVE!!!

Spilling the coffee on myself and battling the traffic this day was the furthest thing from my mind when leaving the hotel. I hope one day I can go back as guest and actually have that latte with my poodle overlooking the ocean. It is places like these that really remind you of why we live in California!
View of the Hotel from the ceremony area. 
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Patty Galey said...

Beautiful venue for a wedding. For me it would also be my favorite place to get married. A kiss. -

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