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13 May 2013

Hi Nancy! 

 I am a DIY bride in Charlotte, NC. I found your blog online and noticed that you provide some brides with advice. I found a aisle centerpiece online that I fell in love with. I wanted to see if you would offer me any advice on how to best recreate this centerpiece. 

 I really would like to know what type of container the florist used to hold the piece.

 I'd love to get your opinion on other aspects of the piece as well, but any reply would be greatly appreciated! 

 Thanks, A DIY Bride in Desperate Need of Help!


Dear DIY Bride

Thanks for your question.
First and foremost, congratulations. I'm pleased to see that you are going to do your own wedding flowers. It's a huge undertaking and you need to be commended for your courage and tenacity.

Way to go. 

As you know, I'm not one to shy away from saying that DIY flowers is not my thing.  Even when I got married in 2000, I hired someone to do my flowers.  Back in 2000, I had very little experience with flowers and I hadn't gone to flower school yet so I knew that creating something was out of my league especially a grand arrangement.

It's just an area in which I would prefer to leave to expert.  Hear me out ---- I like to cook and a few of my friends might even say that I can whip up a 4 course menu.  But I wouldn't want to cater my own wedding, plating 180 plates of salad, soup, main entree and dessert doesn't sound remotely fun.  I just can't imagine myself cooking the night before my big day.  It's not for me.

Having said that,  for some, creating their own flowers is such a fun process. With that in mind, just make sure you are prepared in advance.

A few things to all who are doing their own flowers.

Things that you should address when doing your own flowers
1) Storing flowers - will you have a cool place to store?
If it's freezing outside, do you have a method to transport in cold weather as well? Once you get the flowers, do you have space to design?
2) Processing flowers - do you have a space for this? make sure to buy the right rools
3) Set up of flowers - do you have at team of friends and family who can set this up for you?  Have you checked with your venue on when you can begin setup?  And who will be responsible for cleaning all the flowers up at the end of the night?
4) Transporting flowers - do you have a rental SUV or Mini van that can transport this from where you will be designing the flowers to the venue?  Will you be responsible for cleaning up the flowers at the end of the night?    If you are ordering flowers, is it a direct drop or do you have to pick it up from a nursery or airport?

For DIY Bride, you will need a mechanic for which to do these arrangements.
I would advise you to use a

1) A Plastic Design Tray. This one is called a Saddle   You can find these on many wedding supply outlets.  Each one will carry different style of trays.

Here is a link to a few
This is called  a Double Casket Saddle.  It is good for 2 bricks of Floral Foam. Available at FSS' - Floral Supply Syndicate
This is a silver 9 inch centerpiece tray.  You can also try this one. This is available at Floral Supply Online - Floral Supply Online

This is a 10inch Oblong Green Design tray from - Direct Floral

A couple other things that I would use are 1) Water Proof Tape(on the top left)  2) Chicken Wire(on the top right)  and 3) Floral Foam(bottom middle)  You can find these on line. is a good resource for most of these items.

You will need the floral foam to place on the design trays or saddle.
Make sure you soak them in deep water.
You will need the wire to cover the oasis foam and the waterproof tape to secure.

To make the size arrangements that are shown in the photos above, you can use two trays placed horizontal next to each other to create that long length.

To create this full look, you should use fluffy and large head flowers.  Flowers like hydrangea, roses, Chinese mums, viburnum, stock, are good choices to create this ethereal and elegant look.  I would create them 1 day prior.  To create this arrangement, you will need more flowers than you think.  It looks pretty large to me so I would make sure to buy enough.  Start with your largest stems first.

Insider tip:  Make sure that you keep the floral foam wet and the tray filled with water.  This is very important.

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Ruchika Thosar said...

Firstly Happy wedding..May this flowers and bouquets brings lots of happiness in your life...lovely post!!

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