Best Thing Ever: Instagram Favorites

16 May 2013

By now, many of you are not only on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest but Instagram.
I've been doing instagram for a while now and I never got into until a few months ago and now it's  suddenly  the flavor of the month, I can't stop myself.  I just need to look and glance to see what is out there.

What I love about Instagram is how artful some of the images can be.  
Yes, simple snapshots are suddenly too beautiful for words.

Amy Squires food shots always do me in.  They make me drool. 

My hubby's, Kevin Chin, Black Vespa photo with that old fashion filter makes me dream of Italy. It's such a simple photo but it's powerful in it's imagery.

Take for instance, Jose Villa's magnolia image.

I kept the images purposeful small because that's how we see them on our smartphones.  
In that small space, simple every day objects become inspiring works of art.  That's why Instagram is my Best Thing Ever! 

Come follow up on Instagram(@nancylichin) and let's show each other our visions and inspirations.

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