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10 June 2013

Sshhhhh!  I have secret.

After I graduated from Cal, I started working in the Executive Training Program at Macy's.  After a week of training in Union Square, I was placed in an actual Macy's store in the Bay Area.  My first on the job training was working the Lingerie department at Macy's Pleasanton.

It was roughly an 8 week placement, the gals in the Lingerie department wanted me to feel comfortable in my temporary position so naturally they "welcomed "me by teaching me how to fit someone with a bra.  Boy, was I a bit embarrassed, I think I turned beet red(after all, I'm Chinese, modesty is my middle name).     Here I was this 22 year old suddenly crammed into a fitting room, pushing, tugging, strapping....oh, you get it!

This was quite an eye opener and something I hardly expected to learn during my Executive Training, after all, what did fitting a bra have to do for someone who was on their way to the Buying Office?  Needless to say, I got out of that Lingerie job pretty fast and moved into Home Electronics where I didn't need to worry about undergarments ever again.  Until I got married myself! is everything!!!!  It's so true.

Her Room's wonderful "infograph" has a simple, straight to the point graphic that makes bridal lingerie shopping easy again.  It's what you want to ask and check off before you put on that gown.

To me, your undergarments are everything.  Like a good pair of Spanx, it just holds everything in!!! Listen up brides, bridesmaids, mother of the brides/grooms, we definitely can learn quite a bit from just having the right lingerie!

ps: Stay tuned for more infographics.  They are the rage!!!

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