Real Wedding: Classic Candlelight Wedding At CIA Greystone Napa

19 June 2013

Blaire and Connor both know that I adore both of them so much.

Since my first meeting with Blaire and her mother last year, I knew that their romantic, candlelight wedding at Culinary Institute Academy at Greystone Napa would be filled with lasting memories.

Blaire is a successful career woman who is that all American beauty. Connor is that relaxed fun loving good guy. Both come from incredibly amazing families and during the process I witnessed first hand, the love, the care, the hilarious witty. I will never forget meeting Blaire father, Mr Wyatt. He charmed me instantly!  Connor's mom is also a hoot.  I loved their mother-father dance in which Connor's mom showed everyone that she had the moves.

All in all, this wedding could not be more delightful to be apart of.  Take a look at this video produced by Wine Country Videographers.  It's magical.

Blaire & Connor - Highlight from Wine Country Videographers on Vimeo.
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Gwen said...

That is just a fantastic wedding video. Makes me long for a do-over with my old analog video effort!

Blaire & Connor said...

NANCY!!! I literally JUST saw this post! It's so fun watching the video again, reliving that amazing day! You were incredible to work with, I am so thankful to Kelly McKlesky-Dolata for pointing me in your direction! You are the BEST, and it shows in the video (and all the photos!). Much love to you, and I hope we meet again! XOXO Blaire & Connor

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