Real Weddings: Peaches, Lemons, Champagne Hues at Viansa Winery

15 August 2013

I'm always asked what makes a wedding stand out....and there's simply no clear answer to that.  I remember them usually because something stood out during the day-of set up or there was a magical moment that was unplanned or a unique design captured our attention....but sometimes, it's because I end up staying the whole time and I don't really want to leave because I'm having too much fun observing the moment!

Clarice and Hubert's wedding was truly one of my favorite weddings because I had gotten to know the client so well that throughout the process, I kept peeling back the layers and layers of their love story and even on the day of, I learned so much more.  Clarice, the bride, was actually the sister of one of my former grooms.  Having met Clarice at her brother's wedding I knew that we would hit it off during the planning of her own wedding.

Throughout the process, we depended on emails to make decisions and finally toward the last few months, we were able to transition from emails to face to face meetings.   I couldn't have asked for a more supportive bride(even when I gave her homework). She helped me understand her vision so well by putting together a slide show of likes and dislikes(that was extremely helpful).  During every meeting, I could tell that there was such care to attention that came from love and sentimentality.  I'm so fond of them(and incredibly lucky to have had such inspirational couple). 

Please enjoy some of their wedding day images by the talented Stephanie Williams and read more about their wedding on Style Me Pretty


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Laurie Garza said...

Love it.

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