Floral Inspiration: Bride and Groom Chair Design

18 October 2013

One of the things that I love to do is create simple chair decorations for the bride and groom.  Sure, it's one of those things that most guests won't see or remember.  In fact, most chairs of the bride and groom are set against a backdrop or wall so who really notices the chair anyway, right?

Well, the bride and groom will notice and aren't they the two most important people to please at any wedding?

These simple lovely swag of roses, Italian pitt, lisianthus, dainty spray roses buds, and double satin ribbon are so sweet.  Who wouldn't want to have them on their chairs?

Photography by Simply Jessie.

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RJ Carbone said...

Great idea for a bride and groom, or VIP who's chair is on a stage or platform facing an audience. I think we'll start seeing this done more often as, the idea catches on with more floral designers.

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