Inspiration: Autumn in the Grove Wedding Ideas

29 October 2013

It's no secret that I love the change from summer to autumn. The cooling weather makes me run indoors. I suddenly want to make my favorite potato leek soup. Those old sweaters, packed away, find themselves back on my "must wear" pile. My rain boots are already for a new day.

What's not to love about Autumn? 

And it's not just the cooling temperature but all that fall means. Instead of those typical orange and pumpkin hues, this Autumn inspiration board is more subtle.  How about pairing hues like peach, brown pinks, mochas, taupe, oak, birch,  and whisky together?  Inspiration ideas like stone fruits, cobble, big vintage trucks, ice cream in waffle cones, wooden lanterns, swings, brown sugar and olive branches all seem so elegant, right?

Give our Pinterest inspired Autumn in the Grove board is look over.  Let it delight your senses.

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