Press: Long Island Bride & Groom presents Floral Ideas

10 February 2014

I'm very grateful and pleased that Long Island Bride & Groom magazine asked experts what are some ways to personalize a wedding through flowers.

A few tidbits that I shared with their editors included adding flowers that had some meanings as this is how to create those personable touches and also add meaning behind the choices.

One of my favorite flowers to add to a bouquet are Lisianthus because the flower means "faithfulness" which is such a nice promise.  Can you imagine carrying flowers that hid beautiful vows.

If I can indulge in my own memories, I know that lilac, sweet peas, and peonies were some of my favorites blooms but they have such powerful stories.

Raised American but proud of my Chinese heritage, I loved carrying Peonies in my bouquet as they are the floral symbol of China.  Those who carry peonies embody romance and prosperity and it's often a good omen to carry them as they represent good fortune and of course, a happy marriage.  No wonder brides often ask for peonies, it's a voluptuous bloom and a great symbol of good things to come.

The other flower that I absolutely adore are lilacs. Their scent evokes a sweet, aromatic loveliness. They also are marked with charming delight as white lilac carry the meaning of youthful innocence while purple lilacs denotes "first crush".

Sweet peas are dainty but they carry the meaning of delicate or blissful pleasure.  Surely this enchanting flower in combination with lilac and peonies is a great complement.

If you weave all the flowers of my bouquet --- you get this lovely story which you can share with your soon to be husband, just as I did

"That as I carry my flowers down the aisle, I carry the knowledge that marriage and love is a delicate thing(sweet peas).  For a blissful life(sweet peas), there needs to be a combination of sweetness(lilac) to balance the trying times ahead and romance(peonies) to keep it going, til death do us part. "

Hope you enjoy these wonderful suggestion in Long Island Bride & Groom(on stands now!)

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