Press: Elle Hong Kong Wedding features Jubilee Lau Events

20 June 2014

The first time I ever picked up an Elle magazine I think I was in high school(circa 1985).  I didn't know a thing about it when I saw the issue at the El Sobrante Library off of Appian Way.  Here I was, your typically high school junior, studying at the library with friends but in actuality I was preoccupied with other things like checking out what was in Seventeen magazine.  Honestly, that's the truth.

But as I walked to the newsstand looking for the Seventeen, I saw it!  There it was --- Elle!  I knew it was French as I had Mr Bouley's French class since Freshman year.  While I should have just picked up the Seventeen, the cover draw me in. A part of me wanted to be sophisticated so I grabbed Elle. and the rest is history as they say ---- I've been hooked ever since.

So when Jubilee Lau shared on Facebook that she had been interviewed by Elle Hong Kong magazine and that two of her weddings had been featured, I was truly excited for her.  Little did I know that Danielle and Jonathan's nuptials from 2013 at Asian Art Museum would be featured.  Yeah Jubilee.....that's so cool.

The magazine that I had started reading since the 80's, the magazine that I thought was too sophisticated for a high schooled from a small suburb in Northern California, the magazine that featured all things fashionable --- what can I say, I melted inside.  My smile widened. 

Anyway, enough melodrama!

Just share with me in this beautiful moment.  Much congratulations to the wonderful Jubilee Lau!  And of course, Sarah Peet, the fabulous photographer!!! Way to go

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