Real Wedding: Color Kunde Wedding with Bustle Events

24 February 2017

One of the my favorite weddings of 2016 is now on our website.  Hope you enjoy the bright colors and lovely florals including my favorite - Coral Charm Peonies(oh yes!).  It's been years (or at least what feels like years) since brides and grooms have requested deep and saturated colors and I was thrilled to do this for such a charming and down to earth couple at one of the most gorgeous venues in Sonoma - Kunde Winery.  

What I remember about this wedding was actually the day that Liana the bride came to visit our studio.  I had done a sample(which is a great tip for those of you who aren't visual and need to see something in person to feel comfortable with their design,  go ahead ---  request and order a sample of your centerpiece but try not to request the bouquet as that's just going way too far).  When Liana walked in, she just smiled so wide and said repeated, "it was perfect".   From that day forward, I knew that her wedding would blow her away.  Because if she liked the sample in our little space, she would LOVE it all dressed up at Kunde.  

Thank you to Meg Messina for the gorgeous images.  Love working with her.  Meg has that blend of relaxed humor and humble calmness.  All what you hope for in a photographer.  And of course, Erin of Bustle Evvents was just incredible.  I look for 5 things in a good planner - fast and decisive who knows their business, great taste and innate style, organized without overloading vendors with too much information, responsive and transparent with their clients and calm during the day of the wedding.  Erin is all this and so much more! That's why I love work with her.  Please enjoy this wedding and all its beauty.

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