Wedding Buddies List

What is a Wedding Buddy List?

For me, these are the wedding vendors that I've grown to admire through their consistent work over a period of time.  Some of my buddies on this list are the best in their wedding field for unique work, unparalleled customer service, and attention to the important details that make events quite special.  Other buddies are just my favorite vendors to work with because they are great at their craft but equally genuine, honest, and fun ---  they know and understand the word -  team.

My Buddies include people and companies that I am proud to work and associate with for they constantly strive to better their craft and the industry.   All the vendors share similar business philosophies.   They are vendors that I trust and recommend highly.   I don't always get to work with all my buddies because we are in different parts of the country but I know through seeing their work and  interacting with them that they are fabulous.

No one on the list pays to be on my list.  They are on the list because I believe in them and I think you are going to like them too.

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