Part Four: Dream Wedding

06 January 2009

Today I am honored that Gloria Wong of Sash and Sugar is our guest blogger. Gloria and I have quite a few things in common. We both are huge Gossip Girl and Entourage fans. We share mutual guilty pleasures like US Weekly. And many many years ago, we both worked at bebe's corporate offices in Brisbane.

I had no idea that back in the 90's we would both end up in the wedding industry.

I'm thrilled that Gloria could contribute to our ongoing series of Dream Weddings because she is one of the shining stars in the Wedding Event Design field. You can meet Gloria Wong in person at the Wedding University this February 8th as she will be a featured instructor on the topic of Event Decor.

Here's Gloria's dream wedding....Enjoy!

My dream wedding would take place in the summertime in a private villa in Lake Como Italy.
The colors would be a feminine classic palette of warm blush peachy pink, champagne, and taupe.
The theme would be casual luxe. Fun relaxed casual spirit in a luxurious environment.
The ambiance would be soft and dreamy.
The ceremony would take place in an intimate cashmere colored room with large bay windows, exquisite moulding on the ceiling and walls, and a single magnificent crystal chandelier. The large windows overlooking the serene lake would be the perfect backdrop for Tani and I to exchange our vows.
The ceremony music would entail one of our favorite alternative rock bands, Weezer, playing "Island in the Sun" as we walk down the aisle as husband and wife.
Our attire would be cool and not at all restrictive. My husband would wear a sleek black tux with a peaked lapel and a skinny black tie. I would wear a free-flowing blush-colored empire waist Oscar de la Renta gown with crystal beading on the chest and layers of soft silk chiffon.
The dinner would be served out on the lawn at sunset and would entail regional comfort cuisine... Local fish, polenta, gnocchi, and vegetables grown from within the villa.
The table decor would include tables placed under a soft chiffon covered canopy. One long king's table would glow with the illumination of a mass of candles. The table would have a simple yet textured silk champagne linen, antique silver compote vases with soft peachy pink flowers. Floral chandeliers in the same blush tones would run along the center of the canopy and create an enchanting garden above the table. A soft blush colored gobo pattern of summer foliage would be projected on the entire table and interior of the canopy. It would look as if the flowers from the floral chandeliers were casting ambient shadows.
We would dance on the patio by the pool. DJ AM would spin.
Instead of a dessert bar, we would have a gelato station with different flavors, fruits, and liquers.
At the end of the evening, our favorite snacks which include mini burgers, fries, and bite-size pastries would be passed around as guests boogied the night away.
The dream photographer would be the amazing Lisa Lefkowitz who photographed our actual wedding in 2006!!!
The dream event planning team would be the super duo who is running the Wedding University! Jubilee Lau and Jean Marks!!!

Part Two: Dream Wedding

11 December 2008

Our series on Dream weddings continues today with our guest blogger, Jean Marks of Jean Marks Weddings. Jean and I have a few things in common. We love Italy, we are passionate about weddings, and we both love to touch flowers. Jean worked in floral design before devoting her time to helping others plan their wedding day. I know Jean won't mind me saying this but I think of Jean as "Aunt Jean". When you hire Jean it's like having a family member plan your day. Her warm and calming personality bodes well for brides who are under the pressure of planning a perfect wedding. Jean's strengths include her strong organizational skills and soothing nature which provide a good foundation for those looking for a seamless wedding experience. Enjoy her "dream wedding"!

My dream wedding would take place….at Castello di Vincigliata, in Tuscany, just south of Florence, Italy
My wedding party would include….all the 24 guests who are my closest friends. during the Fall when the grape leaves are turning colors, and the tourists are mostly gone.

The ceremony would be…on the on the lawn, overlooking Florence in the distance; the 26 of us would have and intimate time celebrating the love Jeff and I have for each other, and rejoicing over the gift of our marriage.
The Signature cocktail would be……..the slightly sweet pink champagne the area is famous for

The music playing would be…Puccini, and other Italian composers.
The colors would be…deep terra cotta, rich burgundy, lime green, and golden yellow...all the colors of the vines growing on and around the castle.
The meal would be a …Five course Tuscan dinner, featuring local meats, produce and wines, would be served in the walled Courtyard, lit only by candles and torches; with strolling musicians including a flute, mandolin and possibly a small acaccordion

After dinner…a dessert bar and cappuccino station would be available, offering my 2 favorite desserts, key lime pie, and custard eclairs, as well as an abundance of all the great sweets baked in the region of Tuscany.
The first dance song would be…Sweet Home Alabama, since that is where I was born, and hearing it always gets me moving!
The evening would end with… fireworks!
The dream photographers would be Geoff and Lara White
The event planners must be… Jubilee Lau and Morgan Doan

Jean along with Jubilee Lau are the wedding planners behind The Wedding University which will be coming to the Four Seasons Palo Alto Hotel on Sunday February 8th, 2009.

Photographs courtesy of Jean Marks
Bouquet photograph by Elisabeth Fall for NLC
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